2nd International Workshop on New Computational Methods for Inverse Problems

 Proceedings of NCMIP 2012 are edited by IOP Science and now available on line. 

NCMIP 2012, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, volume 386, 2012. 

Welcome to NCMIP 2012

2nd International Workshop on New Computational Methods for Inverse Problems

Institut Farman, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Cachan, France
May 15, 2012


The New Computational Methods for Inverse Problems (NCMIP) Workshop focuses on recent advances in the resolution of inverse problems. Inverse problems appear in numerous scientific areas such as geophysics, biological and medical imaging, material and structure characterization, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, and finances… The resolution of inverse problems consists of estimating the parameters of the observed system or structure from data collected by an instrumental sensing or imaging device. Its success firstly requires the collection of relevant observation data. It also requires accurate models describing the physical interactions between the instrumental device and the observed system, as well as the intrinsic properties of the solution itself. Finally, it requires the design of robust, accurate and efficient inversion algorithms. Advanced sensor arrays and imaging devices provide high rate and high volume data; in this context, the efficient resolution of the inverse problem requires the joint development of new models and inversion methods, taking computational and implementation aspects into account. During this one-day workshop, researchers will have the opportunity to bring to light and share new techniques and results in the field of inverse problems.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following items: Algorithms and computational aspects of inversion , Bayesian estimation, Kernel methods, Learning methods, Convex optimization, Free discontinuity problems, Metamodels, Proper orthogonal decomposition, Reduced models for the inversion, Non-linear inverse scattering, Image reconstruction and restoration, Applications (bio-medical imaging, non-destructive evaluation...).

About the workshop

NCMIP 2012 is the second edition of the workshop. The first edition took place in Cachan, France, in the scope of ValueTools in May 2011 (http://www.ncmip.org/2011/). As in the first edition, NCMIP will be a one-day workshop during which oral presentations will be given by authors of accepted papers and by three to four international invited speakers.

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